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Our own manufacture DaVinci Canvas Stretching Machine is able to work HORIZONTALLY.

Davinci canvas stretching machines are manufactured and sold only by our company.

We do not have any dealerships.

We have designed the main frame of the machine, where the pistons force thousands of times every day, for a lifetime of trouble-free use.

We have designed the cutter's spare blade to be available all over the world, to be cheap and not to have any problems in production. (utility knife) is a regular utility knife

As there is no electrical, electronic or magnetic part in our machines, you have the chance to intervene in the machine yourself. You don't need technical service, you don't have to wait for technical service and stop production. This will save you both time and money.

80 series staples in our machines are staples that you can find anywhere in the world.

Weight of the machine - 135kg - 297Lbs (shipping weight - 150kg - 330 Lbs)

Installed machine dimensions: 200cm w 120cm d 95 h cm -79'' w 47'' d 37'' h

Easy installation in 10 steps

Online technical support

Installation guide, user guide, and more.

Compressed air : 6,5 Bar - 8 Bar 95 Psi - 115 Psi (compressor not included)

No electricity is needed.

Shipping package dimensions - 200cm*70cm*50cm ( 79''x28''20'' )

Easy and comfortable operation.

2cm - 2,5 cm ( 0,80'' 1 '' ) -excess canvas is enough for stretching canvas.

There are 4 functional stretch height adjusting legs.

Working chassis height range - 1,7 cm 6cm (0,70'' 2,40'') ( the machine works on wooden frames )

Minimum size for stretching - 15cm x 15cm (6'' x 6'') ( if you are using a thin stretcher bar )

Maximum size for stretching - 150cm x150cm ( 60'' x 60'' )

High security

Speed - Staple gun and cutter go back to their place automatically after nailing and cutting process , so you won’t need to push them back. (Valid for DVC Speedmaster 170HR 150 Plus)

Fully automatic pneumatic gun - You won’t need to press the trigger everytime , it’s only enough to hold down while progress

There is no need to cut excess canvas out. (Davinci Canvas Stretching Machine is the only machine which can stretch the canvas and also cut the excess canvas in one operation. The machine has own blade for cutting process.)

Semi-skilled, non-technical operator is required for operation.

Fast operational times. (For example ;if you want to make 70cmx100cm ( 28''x40'' ) canvas picture, the whole process takes only 40-60 seconds.

For example, if you want to make a 90cmx140cm ( 35''x 55'' ) canvas painting, the whole process takes only 50-100 seconds

DVC Speedmaster 170HR 150 Plus can do gallery wraps.

500-600 gallery wrapped canvases can be ready in 8 hours (50cm*70cm 20''x28'' canvas) (The excess canvas is trimmed)

DVC Speedmaster 170HR 150 Plus includes BEA staple machine.

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